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Our Testimonials

Total Comfort, I’m Relieved

For the last three years I was sitting on what I thought was a good comfortable chair, a little big and bulky for my desk but it did the job. The height was controllable as well as the back rest could be rigid or could swing back. Then my perception of a GOOD COMFORTABLE chair changed, when I got my Airopedic™ chair. The chair is really customizable, just about everything on the chair can be adjusted to fit you. The back rest can move backwards or forwards depending on your height, the seat can tilt and of course the height of the chair can be adjusted. The arm rests can move up or down as well as inwards or outwards, this part I really enjoyed as it made the chair fit easily into the desk, unlike my previous chair. With the chair being easily customizable, I also felt the back rest is far more comfortable and helps my posture and lower back as I found with my previous chair I would sometimes move forward on the chair and not use the back rest and slouch over my desk, this no longer happens. And then there is the seat, it’s hard to say which is the best feature of the chair because there are so many good features, to me, it’s the seat. The seat is very comfortable it almost forms around you as you sit down. It’s not too hard the seat but at the same time it’s not too soft, the perfect balance for a perfect chair. Not to forget about the back rest which bends backwards and allows for stretching of your back after long hours sitting and looking at the computer it makes for a great stretching exercise.

– Alon G. – MEGAComfort Canada

Comfort Personified

What I like the most about this chair is the seat. It is very firm which makes the whole sitting experience less tiring. I also like how it is designed to absorb our natural curves. Overall I am happy to have this chair as it does make a difference having this one over any other regular chairs.

– MEGAComfort employee – MEGAComfort Canada

Better than the Rest

The difference between other chairs and the Airopedic™ Chair is that comfortable air seat is not as stiff as other chairs. It is so comfortable and I love that there is a button which releases air to adjust the hardness. The flexible and adjustable back of the seat provides good support for the lower back, making it easier to sit for long periods of time at work.

– I.G - MEGAComfort Canada


The Airopedic™ chair has impacted my work by making work faster and comfortable. This chair has alleviated back pain, because the old one did not have sturdy, flexible support like this new one. My old chair was bulky, not as mobile as this new one, could not make adjustments like this new one and the old one was ugly compare to this one. I sit about 40-45% of the work day. It is much more manageable because of the flexibility, slimness, adjustable, arms and height and more mobile.

– Frank S. - MEGAComfort Canada

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