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Travel gear

Neck Pillows & Back Rests: Airopedic™ Travel Gear for Optimum Comfort

Whether in planes, trains or automobiles, travelling isn’t always the most comfortable. Airopedic™ has the travel gear you need to increase your comfort in all types of seating. Offering back rests and neck pillows in Canada and the U.S., Airopedic™ understands how difficult it can be to find a comfortable position while sitting for extended periods. Our travel gear is specially designed with premium memory foam and plush velour fabric to add a luxurious feel to your trip.

Reasons to Should Choose Our Exclusive Travel Gear

  • BRAND NAME PRODUCTS - The premium memory foam neck pillow and back rest by Airopedic™ are ergonomically designed. They contour to provide your neck and back with the best support so you can rest and relax while travelling.
  • BETTER BUILT- Our pair of memory foam travel cushions are made of the highest quality plush velour fabric for the softest touch. Gently wrapping the contoured memory foam, which molds to your neck and back for ultimate comfort, this fabric allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride—OR sleep through it!
  • COMFORT ON THE GO - Airopedic™’s travel gear is great for traveling by plane, car, truck, bus or train. You can also use it to lounge around at home! Our back rest is great for people who need the extra lumbar support while sitting for short or long periods at home, at the office or while traveling.
  • QUALITY AND VALUE - Our high quality products are available at an amazing market rate; we offer great value for such a high performance product. When you order in large quantities, you can receive a special rate quote! Be sure to call today!

Whether you want to supply your fleet of drivers with some extra lumbar support for long work tips or you need a neck pillow that can prevent that crick in your neck from forming on plane rides, the travel gear offered by Airopedic™ will provide the support and comfort you need. Call us today to place an order!

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