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This Office Chair Means Business. The Latest and Best in Active Seating

Leaders in Ergonomics: Airopedic™ is a leading player in the ergonomic furniture field. Maintain your posture and get a positive workout from our unique office and portable chairs.

Airopedic™: Patented Manufacturers for Ergonomic Chairs in Toronto

Whether you’re a soccer mom who’s on her feet all day or a travelling businessman constantly on the road, slouching can do harm to your flexibility, posture and general mobility. Maybe you’re the adventurous type who loves the great outdoors or a senior in need of comfortable seating options. At  Airopedic™, we can provide ergonomic chairs in Canada and the U.S., offering a variety of ergonomic and portable chair solutions you need.

You spend so much time at work that it is important to have proper seating arrangement in place so that your productivity is not compromised. Buy quality ergonomic office chairs in Toronto from Airopedic at great prices and improve your work and health!

If you are running an organization and want to increase the efficiency of your employees, provide them with a comfortable seating arrangement. Ergonomic chairs will help in reducing back pain, neck pain and eases out any kind of illness in the body, allowing you to work with ease.

Using ergonomic chairs is beneficial in many ways: they conform to the specific shape of the worker and it extends proper support for the spine and helps to keeps a proper posture. We have a wide range of office chairs, seat accessories, adjustable armrests and more. Place your order today!

Our products include:

Our History

Selling mainly office chairs and our patented self-inflating portable seat all over North America, both of our chairs (two patents) and our portable seat (utilizing one of the patents used in our office chair seat) are patented technologies sold throughout North America and worldwide.

Chair animation

The Airopedic™ Chair on Forbes Living TV

Check out our discussion with Forbes Riley on Forbes Living TV on Youtube.

Helps in the Long Run

You may ignore the initial back and body pains while at work. However, if it continues for many days, the seating arrangement can impact a lot on your body in the long run. Help yourself with proper ergonomic office chairs in Toronto.

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Look after the health of your workers by getting quality ergonomic chairs in Toronto. For more information, contact us today. today.

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Portable seats, mechanisms, gel pillows and more.


Exercise Programs

Shoulders, chest or wrists – our chairs protect them all.


Ergonomics FAQ

Find out why ergonomic chairs are so important for you.

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